The 6 steps of a crowdfunding Campaign, as simple as it gets

The Project Owner drafts the Campaign via the Platform and fills in all required data. When ready, (s)he submits the Campaign to WinnersFund for review.

The Campaign is then routed to WinnersFund moderators in order to check its full compliance with the Terms Of Service ("TOS"). If there is no need for changes, or after the Project Owner applies the changes instructed by the moderators, the Campaign is presented to the world (gets "published").

From this point onwards, anyone can access all non-restricted parts of the Campaign. Nevertheless, only registered users ("members") can interact with the Project Owner and "Fund" the Campaign. In addition, Funding in return for Equity depends on each Funder's country of residence (please read more here).

If the Campaign closes either the 1st or the 2nd Round successfully (please read more here), the screening procedures start (please read more here). Step 4 ends when the Project Owner passes the screening procedures.

This step is divided in 4 Stages for Equity-Based Projects and 3 Stages for all other Projects, each one completing with a Milestone. When the Project Owner is an individual and the Project will be implemented through a new Company, Milestone 1 is the Project Owner to establish that Company according to WinnersFund rules; for a Project Owner being an existing company, Milestone 1 is to pass the compliance confirmation procedures (please chek "For Creators" page). In either case, the appropriate signing of all associated agreements follows (Milestone 2). When Equity has been promised, the crowdfunding Company must in addition prove the dispatch of those shares to the investing Funders (Milestone 3, for Equity-Based Projects only). Finally, the funds are released and flow directly to the crowdfunded Company, i.e. the Company gets the invested funds to its Bank Account directly from the Funders' Credit Cards or Bank Accounts (Milestone 4).

After the funds are transferred to the crowdfunded Company, it must start the implementation of the Project. From this point onwards, the only obligations that both the crowdfunded Company and the Project Owner on a personal level (when this is a natural person) are left with are to execute the Project as promised and return the promised Rewards, if any, to the Funders.