Fees and costs


  • Only successful Campaigns are subjected to a fee, which is, however, charged at the very end of the fundraising process.
  • A flat 5% fee is applied on the receivable funds of all successful Campaigns (plus VAT, when applicable). This fee is among the lowest in the market.
  • Payment processing fees are as low as 2,4% over the receivable funds, while a fee of only 20 pence (0.2 GBP) is applied on every Credit Card transaction. Third party costs are therefore also among the lowest in the market.
  • Neither WinnersFund nor our Payment Processor, Stripe, charges the Funders. All payable amounts are charged to and covered by the crowdfunded company, only.
  • In case a funded Project that has passed our compliance procedures fails to get initiated, WinnersFund does not charge any of the aforementioned fees, while all amounts paid to third parties, if any, are 100% returned to the respective payers.


  • Campaign target: 100,000 EUR.
  • Successful Campaign receivables (overfunding): 150,000 EUR from 1,200 Funders (1,200 Credit Card transactions).
  • WinnersFund fee: 150,000 EUR X 5% = 7,500 EUR (plus VAT, if applicable), chargeable to the crowdfunded company.
  • Payment processing fee: (150,000 EUR X 2,4%) + (1,200 Credit Card transactions X 0.2 GBP) = 3,600 EUR plus 240 GBP (plus VAT, when applicable), chargeable to the crowdfunded company, only.