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How to Run your StartUp Marathon

31 | 03 | 2015
How to Run your StartUp Marathon

There are still couple of weeks to go until the London Marathon. I suppose that all of you who intent to run it have already started exercising hard in order to manage to successfully complete it. Best of luck on that!

Undoubtedly, this should be a very difficult race: I attempted to run it twice, but failed at the very early stages of the preparation. I am therefore not the right person to tip you on that. Instead, I can tip you on how to endure your StartUp Marathon. This is a race requiring as much dedication and determination as the London Marathon does, although being of a completely different nature.

So let’s start with warming up: look around and find an important problem you would like to solve. Don’t try to solve problems you consider to be ‘small’. Running a StartUp Marathon necessitates life dedication. If you do not find the problem important on a personal level you will be easily bored, and probably quit the race before it even starts!

Once the goal is set, the race starts! Be careful: do not focus on getting money first! Start building your idea. Money will come once the product gets closer to existence.

Remember never to be scared releasing a first version of your product. Everyone knows that this is not the final product, but simply an indication of how this will look like. This is also the only way to get feedback on how the product looks to those who will be using it. Show it and give it to the people who you think they need it and consequently will be its main consumers. Ask them what they think! Their opinion is of great importance! If they find it good, value will be added to your good. In turn, this will give you plenty of funding, so you will be able to finalize your product in they you have envisioned to do so.

Always remember that if major consumers like it, they will give you big donations or will buy many shares at your WinnersFund Campaign.

By now you’ve started feeling tired! Take a deep breath, success is just around the corner!

You need to be very careful now. Few meters are left. If you make mistakes now, the whole race will be ruined.

Do not allow investors to nudge you to monetization. Monetization is your decision. You are the only one to decide whether you are running the London Marathon next year, or trying the Barcelona one! Various problems still exist in the world awaiting talented people like you to solve them. My advice is that if you still have ideas to implement on this project you should stick to it for a little while! Your choice: London’s multiculturalism, or the beach of Barcelona?

In any case, everyone is now waiting for you at The Mall in front of the Buckingham Palace for the post-marathon celebrations! I am sure you’ll have great fun! You truly deserve it! You’ve just managed to complete one of the most difficult Marathons!

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