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Success and Creativity: Beyond Age Barriers

02 | 04 | 2015
Success and Creativity: Beyond Age Barriers

“24-years old: middle-life crisis, nowadays hits you when you’re young”, sang Pearl Jam in 2008. Six years later, this crisis is even given its own name, ‘Quarter Life-Crisis’ it is called.

And it does hit you when you’re young: few years following the completion of your studies and your ‘failure’ to have established a big company that could have placed you as one of the world-wide leading entrepreneurs. But 'Look Around', as Pearl Jam incentivize; this is not the norm. OK, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs did introduce Microsoft and Apple, respectively, in their early twenties, but what about Henri Nestlé and Nestlé, or Jerry Baldwin and Starbucks? The former became a successful entrepreneur when he was 52, while the latter when he was 42.

In fact, if you have a look at the biographies of the top 100 founders of Forbes list, you can infer that the average age of successful entrepreneurs is 35 years old. Quarter Life Crisis is therefore a result of emerging social pressures that do not reflect real social dangers. Being a ‘Late Boomer’ is the norm, not the exception!

You are in your late thirties and haven’t made your entrepreneurial dreams come true? That’s great: your most creative years are still to come!

Source: Funders & Founders


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